About the Company

MILMAST Lifting Systems Inc., the name behind MILMAST, has more than 40 years of important technical infrastructure and experience, especially for the analysis of composite structures with long fiber lengths.

During product testing, fiber composite structures were designed and analyzed for each system separately and specifically. MILMAST is the work of an experienced team dedicated to technology and know-how. MILMAST will continue to be continuously improved with innovation principle.

Military Mast

Military Mast

2017 (November)

SSB (SSTEK) partnership

2017 (October)

Receiving the first Serial order

2017 (October 4)

Establishment of MILMAST

2017 (September)

Participation in the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) Fair, London

2017 (July)

Korean Exports

2017 (May)

IDEF 13th International Defense Industry Fair participation and product promotion

2016 (December)

The fact that factory investment has passed

2016 (June)

Acquisition of nationalization projects of Aselsan SST 3m Telescopic Lifting System

2016 (April)

Aselsan REHİS 8m Telescopic Lifting System acquisition of nationalization projects


Decision to develop telescopic lifting systems as an internal project


Establishment of Arge center


Making concrete decisions on behalf of original product development


Establishment of mechanical design team


Decision to serve mechanical design projects

With the establishment of MILMAST Lifting Systems Inc., the company has signed the following principles under its roof;

  1. MILMAST is the first project commercialized in line with its new vision
  2. The first product developed by MILMAST’s own resources
  3. First patent application for the product
  4. The first product in which trademark rights belong to MILMAST
  5. First time partnership for company employees
  6. The first export of products abroad
  7. Became the first privately owned company with SSM
  8. First series order for product was received on MILMAST
  9. MIL-STD First product verified by military standards