Quality Policy

MILMAST Lifting Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of MILMAST is a leading service provider in its field. In these terms, it has a policy to follow the global and local business trends and examine its potential customers’ orientations in order to apply them in its continuous development process.

MILMAST Lifting Systems, Inc. guarantees to;

  • Follow all the legal regulations, take permissions and apply them accordingly,
  • Appliance of the quality system and prepare the needed foundation in order to make the employees take part in it,
  • Make risk management, configuration management, specify the control point in each process step and to manufacture the product to meet the customer products,
  • Respond to the customers’ needs exactly as asked for and as fast as it can,
  • Keep the customer satisfaction factor on the top of the list concerning its every product and service,
  • Provide a system and follow through to develop the system it already established, which is capable of collecting feedback from each customer and business partners.
  • By following and examining each process step, finding out the fields that can be made better and acting through,
  • Acknowledge continuous development as a lifestyle, to keep up with the competitive and innovative areas,
  • Acknowledge objectiveness as a principle,
  • Provide and develop a place which is human centric, technological innovation and product development based, open to new ideas that are necessities of time and keep it working.

With the active participation of its employees, it is aimed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, to ensure effectiveness of the system, to cooperate with the peer institutions in the world, to be a preferred industrial enterprise by the customer continuously, to produce innovative, creative and continuously developing solutions, develop, produce and present services and products aimed at customer satisfaction.

We aim increase the utility of information to authorized users and reduce the utility of information to those unauthorized by our risk management, trust management, resilience, appropriate architecture, system safety, and security policies.

NX-TEAMCENTER PLM program for Quality Standards is used to manage our configuration management, risk management and quality systems to increase our process efficiency in all our products and services.

Our Employment Safety and Healthcare Policy

On the other side of our quality systems, we believe that it is even more important to provide good safety and healthcare conditions to our employees, who are the operators of those quality systems.

In this aspect, we examine the risks and take precautions that may trigger our employees’ wellness and strictly follow them through our Employment and Safety Policy:

  • Application of employee healthcare and safety regulations that are in force.
  • Continuous learning and education opportunities in terms of personal healthcare, safety and environmental safety.
  • Providing the same learning opportunities in healthcare and safety subjects to our subcontractors as well.

Telescopic Mast

The Machinery Safety Directive was published by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce on May 5, 2002 as 98/37 / EC Machinery Safety Directive and put into effect. As of January 1, 2004, the CE marking is mandatory for all products covered by this directive.


Environmental Policy

With the principle of continuous development, we aim to minimize the environmental damage during our processes by following legal rules strictly and considering other conditions.