MILMAST Lifting Systems, Inc

MILMAST Lifting Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of MILMAST, is the bridge of employment in different engineering fields with its Advanced Engineering Trainings.

The practical applications that young people who have already received or are about to undergraduate need to consolidate fresh theoretical knowledge and develop themselves are made possible through Advanced Engineering Trainings.

Educational options are offered in a way that can be preferred both institutionally and individually.

1- Individually preferred training programs

The trainings have individual content for each engineering group and different work. Certain engineers prefer to take individual trainings. Certified trainings are a reference for job seeking or relocation needs.

It makes it easier for new candidates and existing employees to be elected primarily by good firms. Later, he helps him to fulfill his tasks with maximum performance.

2- Trainings provided by companies during the internship

Advanced Engineering Trainings changed over time and began to be provided by companies for selected candidates during the internship. At this point, companies are beginning to have a very valuable value for the candidate they will employ;

– measurable educational performance results at the end of the internship

– Information on candidates’ engineering skills

– Applicability of selection and placement to perfect job with candidates passing through the filter in terms of compliance with corporate culture values

– The feasibility of training and career planning of the employed candidate without wasting time

– Be able to start a group that has acquired business orientation and orientation with job training

In short, Advanced Engineering Trainings have begun to be seen as a door to career success for candidates. For the employer, it was conditional for him to be able to have a working pool which would be shaped by the day he entered the job.

3- Build-Up Academy, Specialist Engineer Training Program

4- Build-Up Academy, ARGE Engineer Training Program