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Rising Technology MILMAST


Brand Philosophy

To make a safer world possible, we turn the technologies that will make a difference into reality.

We share our values of discipline, importance is given to advanced engineering, continuous development, and quality, being the first in its field, and being 100% domestic capital with our entire team.

Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable systems and solutions to our customers in the field of design, development, and integration of upgrade systems in the military and civil sector, with its advanced engineering capabilities, providing fast and international integrated logistics support service to our customers, with our transparent and accessible senior management and an agile and innovative working approach, is to be a global company.

Our vision is to be a global brand in the design, development, and integration of Upgrade Systems.


MILMAST is one of the leading brands in its field; With the principle of “From R&D Projects to Advanced Technology Products”, FİGES was established in 2017 with the partnership of SSTEK and its employees.

It carries out the design and production of ‘Domestic and National’ aluminum or carbon fiber composite body telescopic mast systems as well as trailers in military standards.

Customized designs

Having the power of design center, MILMAST
It carries out the design, production, testing and verification activities of Telescopic Mast Systems in MIL-STD standards with its R&D engineers.

The company serving for military and civil needs; constantly reviews the developments in the sector and customer expectations and adopts “Continuous Improvement” as a principle. Thus, with the high standard brought by the quality management system, it also takes part in international projects.

History of MILMAST

Our success story

To make a safer world possible, we turn the technologies that will make a difference into reality.

At the 4th Golden Cube Award Ceremony organized by Technopark Istanbul, the MILMAST project was deemed worthy of the “Project of the Year” award due to its critical importance in national qualifications and its global sales potential. The award goes to the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of FİGES A.Ş. Dr. Tarık ÖĞÜT took it.

Quality policy

MILMAST Telescopic Mast Systems Inc., as one of the leading companies in the sector it serves; has adopted the principle of continuous improvement by constantly reviewing the relevant national and international developments and customer expectations.

MILMAST Telescopic Mast Systems Inc.;

  • To follow all legal regulations related to their work, to obtain and comply with the necessary permissions,
  • To prepare the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of the established system and the participation of the employees in the system,
  • To perform risk management at all stages of the processes, to perform configuration management, to determine control points and to produce products suitable for customer requirements,
  • To meet customer demands on time and as desired,
  • To always prioritize customer satisfaction in our products and services,
  • To establish and monitor a system that can provide feedback from all stakeholders in order to continuously improve the system,
  • To identify areas that can be improved in all matters by following all process steps,
  • To adopt continuous improvement of systems as a way of life in order to be in an innovative and competitive line,
  • To accept impartiality as a basic principle,
  • It is committed to preparing, developing and keeping alive the environment where new thoughts and ideas can flourish and come to life, both in technology and product development, and in the working environment, keeping the human factor in the foreground.
Our Environmental Policy

With the principle of continuous improvement, we aim to prevent environmental pollution by reducing the environmental effects of all its activities in accordance with legal and other conditions.

Process-based quality management

Our Quality Certificates

ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental management system

ISO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 14001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

ISO 27001

Information Security Management System Policy

World-Class Production
Test and quality classes in accordance with international production standard.
MIL-STD-1472G: Human Factors
MIL-STD-973: Configuration Management
FED-STD-595C: Colors
IPC-A-610E-2010: Electronic Connections
IPC/WHMA-A-620: Acceptability Criteria and Requirements in Cabling Sets
J-STD-001B: Soldering Requirements in Electrical and Electronic Board Assemblies
Environmentally Compatible Production

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