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Team work seeking the horizon of change


Our Human Resources Strategy

We identify the difference of being a member of MILMAST with MILMAST values and aim to create a people-oriented organization that creates value together with our employees.

In this context,

Incorporating the best talents who are open to change and development in line with our vision, mission and values,

To create training and development opportunities that support the professional, personal and technical development of employees,

To provide a work environment where employees can reveal their innovation and creativity potentials and find meaning in their work,

To create an organization supported by an open, transparent and participatory management approach,

We aim to develop human resources policies that are team-oriented, working in cooperation, believing in continuous improvement, set as an example with their expertise and values, and that will strengthen the talents that will carry us to the future.

Diversity and Inclusion

In order to create an organization consisting of employees with ethical values and social responsibility awareness, gender, age, occupation, etc. We manage all our recruitment practices within this framework without any discrimination, and we adopt the principle of equality in all human resources processes such as recruitment, promotion and career management.

By creating a working environment where diversity and inclusiveness are important, we strive to create a corporate culture where diversity prevails and where our employees feel valued and equal.

Recruitment Process

We aim to bring in talents who are open to change and development, adaptable to the corporate culture, and have appropriate positions and qualifications, suitable for the competencies that form the basis of our organizational structure, to MILMAST.

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Candidates who want to join MILMAST can apply via, Linkedin and Human Resources e-mail.

Candidate Pooling

Eligible candidates are evaluated for the position based on their CVs over the applications.

Preliminary interview

Candidates who apply to our company are interviewed on the phone and brief information about our interview processes and the position is given.

Human Resources Interview

As a result of the preliminary interview, the human resources interview is carried out online or face-to-face depending on the position structure.

Personality Inventory

We use Personality Inventory in our recruitment processes in order to reveal the character analysis, basic competencies and personality traits of the candidates and to determine whether they are suitable for our culture.

Technical Interview

After the positive result of the human resources interview, an online or face-to-face interview is conducted with the technical team, depending on the position structure, in order to test the technical skills of the candidate.

Project/Portfolio Presentation

After the positive result of the technical interview, the candidates make a project presentation or portfolio presentation according to the position structure.

We inform all candidates applying to MILMAST at every stage of the process.

Open positions

All open positions
in our page

For application: [email protected]

Education at MILMAST

Within the framework of the importance we attach to “continuous development”, we are planning training and development programs that will strengthen the talents that will carry us to the future and ensure their development. At the same time, we provide scholarship opportunities to support the training and development of our employees.

In this way, as MILMAST, we cover the training fees of Milmasters who are doing Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees and who want to benefit from certificate programs to improve their business processes, and allow them to continue their education without interrupting their studies with a training permit.

Milmaster Campus

“Milmaster Campus” is an internship program we have created for our short and long-term interns. During the internship program, MilCookies, our interns, receive on-the-job training in all units related to their field of work. All MilCookies in the internship program increase their competencies within the team by working on a common project. In addition to their joint projects, they work on individual projects in their fields with their internship coordinators. At the end of all these processes, they are entitled to successfully complete the “Milmaster Campus” Internship Program.

University Collaborations

Within the framework of the protocol signed with the universities, we provide internship opportunities according to the internship program of the universities. Internship applications are made through the Joint Education Coordinatorships of universities.

Vocational/Technical High School Students Internship Program

We provide internship opportunities to Vocational/Technical High School students throughout the education and training period of each year.

Vocational/Technical High School students choose their interns within our quota, by negotiating with the school administrations.

Encouraging Design Activities

We support and reward participation in Master’s/PhD programs within the scope of patent, project and academic activities aimed at promoting design activities.

Motivation at MILMAST

We organize pleasant company events that will increase the loyalty and motivation of our employees, together with the suggestions of our employees, in order to ensure that Milmasters develop positive relations with each other and to continue on the road by being renewed after a busy working day.

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