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We Raise With Innovation

R&D and Innovation

As a design center since 2018, to be the leader in the domestic market and one of the leading companies in the international market, which has proven its performance in the field of Telescopic Mast Systems; It has made it its mission to provide international solutions with high quality, high technical performance, reliable, competitive and widespread integrated logistics support service by offering original solutions that incorporate advanced engineering studies.

Product Innovation:

It aims to become one of the global players in the field of upgrade systems through innovative products. It aims to use superior technology compared to its competitors at national and international level.

Process Innovation:

It aims at an organization where activities are carried out within the framework of national and international standards, processes that center corporate memory by strengthening the information flow with internal and external stakeholders are managed. While creating this organization, by adopting the autonomy management style in order to keep employee loyalty and motivation high; It aims to act with self-directed teams that have freedom of decision and movement within the framework of organizational goals.

Organizational Innovation:

It aims to be a flexible and dynamic organization that produces innovative ideas, has a high level of satisfaction, has clarified career plans, whose performance evaluation is made in transparent and scientific conditions, and where employees actively participate.

Marketing Innovation:

MILMAST brand tends to be an organization that has made a name for itself not only in the national market but also in the international market, providing unique services to customers by creating added value and aiming to increase its digital marketing activities.


Job descriptions of company employees are defined specifically for Human Resources Management in ISO 9001:2015 standards. There is a Design Center responsible for the project of innovation and innovative ideas, and there are projects focused on product design. However, the company; aims to be an innovative and flexible organization that integrates continuous improvement holistically, carries out innovation activities centrally, and completely digitizes its processes.


The company receives limited support from research centers and academics in order to produce innovative products and services. While innovative projects are financed, academic consultancy-oriented activities are carried out and it is aimed to increase the number of applications for grant programs. However, information systems, marketing, project management, etc. training and consultancy in the fields. It is aimed to create a Collaboration Portfolio, in which collaboration needs are defined, differentiated according to academic and sectoral expertise, and constantly updated.


The company applies to programs with suitable financial support from public institutions such as TUBITAK, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Technology for the funding of innovative products, but mostly finances the projects from its own resources. Since the company received the Design Center registration from the Ministry of Industry and Technology, there is an R&D Budget that is defined every year and updated according to the targets. It tends to turn to grant programs to finance certain parts of the firm’s self-funded research and development activities. However, it tends to focus on digitalization, human resource training and sustainable resource management, and aims to use its resources effectively and efficiently to implement innovations.

Process management

Aiming to ensure the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System with the active participation of its employees, MILMAST carries out production in accordance with national and international standards, especially ISO 9001. The level of participation in the activities carried out by the company is determined by the directives of the management, the job descriptions of the units and the type of the project. It tends to execute original product development plans with or independently of FİGES, the company’s largest stakeholder. In addition, while the innovation processes are managed, there is a goal to establish a platform where innovative ideas from internal and external sources are collected and evaluated systematically with the participation of all units.

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