Qualification and Tests

MILMAST’s Qualification and Test Services help customers validate products as required and follow the general principals of process qualification. Our services are provided to meet global regulatory standards, meet the needs of internal audit requirements and procedures, including installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification.

MILMAST provides ‘System Qualification’ as a service for projects that are operated in regulated environments.

  • Environmental Tests
  • Functional Performance Tests
  • Software / hardware Tests

Environmental Tests


  • Low Pressure Test (Control Panel)
  • High Temperature Test
  • Low Temperature Test
  • Rain Test
  • Fungus Test
  • Salt Fog Test
  • Sand and Dust Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Shock Test
  • Icing / Freezing Rain Test
  • Solar Radiation Test

Functionality Tests

Functional testing at the end of a production value chain is an integral necessity and part of a quality assurance strategy. This is where product faults and process errors are detected and also where value-adding processes are increasingly being implemented.

  • Load Simulation and Tests
  • Wind Effect Simulation and Tests
  • Fatigue Tests
  • Modal Test
  • Lifecycle Test (MTBF / MTTR Calculation)