Engineering Simulations

Structural Mechanics Unit has been providing engineering services in the area of structural analysis to our customers in many different industries. In general; Environmental Conditions, Static and Dynamic Stress/ Deflection Analysis under operational and limitation loads, Vibration Calculations, Thermal Analysis are performed to offer an optimized design suggestion.

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group, combines its competency in the engineering disciplines of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and thermodynamics to provide technical computation and simulation based consultancy and engineering project services for a wide variety of industrial applications including aerospace and defense, construction, power generation, turbo machinery, automotive, chemical and material processing and white goods.

Structural Simulations

Here at MILMAST, our engineers are thoroughly proficient in all disciplines within the ‘Structural Simulastions’.
Our expertise includes a variety of materials and project sizes and all of the latest standards in defence as well
as commercial industries.

Modal Analysis

Determination of Mode Shapes and Natural Frequencies

Random Vibration Analysis

Stress & Safety Factor Evaluation

Fatigue Calculation

Dynamic Shock Analysis

Stress & Safety Factor Evaluation

Fatigue Calculation

Deceleration / Acceleration of the Vehicle

Deflection Estimation

Stress Evaluation

Fatigue Calculation

Kinematic / Rigid Body Dynamics Analysis

Estimation of Kinematics of Mechanisms

Estimation of Dynamic Load Distribution

Observing Working Condition of the System on Flat and Inclined ground

Determination of required torque input

CFD Simulations

Our CFD services encompass different flow physics, including multiphase flows, heat transfer and phase change, reacting flows, non-Newtonian fluid flows, flow induced noise (acoustics) as well as multi-disciplinary phenomena like fluid-structure interaction (FSI).

Throughout your entire product development, product design or QC process, MILMAST’s ‘CFD Engineering Team’ can help you achieve aggressive product performance and quality levels by identifying ways to optimize your product designs and manufacturing methods.

  • Wind Load Calculation
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Deflection Estimation
  • Stress Evaluation
  • Fatigue Calculation