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Rising Technology MILMAST

Engineering Simulations

Rising Technology

With its experienced engineer team, MILMAST offers a wide range of services, from aviation and space applications to the construction industry, from automotive and maritime, from turbomachines to chemical processes and energy, from thermal equipment designs to the energy industry, from the plastics industry to the white goods industry, in line with the needs of the R&D and product development departments of domestic and foreign companies. It also performs engineering simulation models for almost every sector.

It also offers comprehensive solutions with analysis approaches that combine multiple physical disciplines.

Structural Simulations

MILMAST Structural Mechanics Unit provides services to our customers in many different sectors regarding comprehensive structural analysis calculations. In general terms, under environmental conditions, operational and limit loads, static and dynamic stress/deflection analyzes, vibration calculations, thermal analyzes are made and design improvement suggestions are presented. In this way, it guides our customers in finding a durable, light, economical and producible solution suitable for product requirements.

Modal Analysis

  • Determining Mode Shapes & Natural Frequencies

Random Vibration Analysis

  • Stress & Safety Factor Evaluation
  • Fatigue Calculation

Dynamic Shock analysis

  • Stress and Factor of Safety Evaluation

Vehicle Deceleration / Acceleration

  • Deflection Evaluation
  • Stress Rating
  • Fatigue Calculation

Kinematics / Rigid Body Dynamics Analysis

  • Mechanism Kinematics Evaluation
  • Determination of Dynamic Load Distribution
  • System Operation Status on Flat & Sloping Grounds
  • Determining Required Torque Input

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD)

Using its expertise in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and thermodynamics, the Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Unit provides simulation-based project, engineering and consultancy services in a wide variety of industrial applications.

With the industry-leading ANSYS® software it uses, it offers the best and fastest solution to its customers’ problems with the most accurate approach, taking into account real-life engineering requirements and constraints.

  • Wind Load Calculations
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Deflection Evaluation
  • Stress Rating
  • Fatigue Calculation

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