MILMAST Military Trailer ANT®

With the muscle to haul the toughest loads MILMAST Military Trailer ANT® features a heavyduty all-aluminum frame comes with an automated leveling system. Single axle design and increased stability makes ANT® a perfect match for radar, antenna and emergency lighting mast integrations. It’s also perfect for support units as field hospitals and kitchens. ANT® is lighter, as strong as, and more durable than steel. You can count on ANT® for a reliable tow.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight Aluminium Body
  • Automated Leveling up to 7 Degrees
  • Payload Capacity of 2,000kgs
  • Single Axle Design
  • Run-Flat Tires
Product Features ANT ®
Length (Incl. Tow bar) 3750 mm
Width 2450 mm
Height 1155 mm
Track Width 2340 mm
Drawbar Coupler Height 960 ±20 mm
Weight (empty) 1650 kg
Payload (max) 2000 kg
Ground Clearance 980 ±20 mm
Axle Length 1740 mm
Axle Diameter 105 mm
Leveling Auto 7°
Brakes Hand and Air Brake

Custom models can be designed and manufactured. Please consult.